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Louise Ashton, PI

My research focus is on tropical rainforest biodiversity, insect food webs and responses to environmental change. Recently, I have focused on ecosystem manipulation experiments to isolate and identify the drivers of ecosystem processes.


Wenda Cheng, Postdoc

During my PhD, I focused on Lepidopera behavioural and distribution responses under climate change. Now as a postdoc, I'm eager to know how will species interactions respond under multiple environmental stressors including temperature and precipitation at both species and assemblage levels. I'm also interested in broad conservation issues in Asia. For more info please visit my website at https://chengwd.wordpress.com/


Brinna Barlow - PhD candidate

Following a BSc in Environmental Biology, which I finished in 2014 I spent a few years deciding whether to pursue entomology or marine biology professionally. Several dive certifications and terrestrial field seasons later my mind was made up. I completed an Msc in Entomology at Harper Adams university in September 2018 having secured my place at Hong Kong university earlier in the year.

Now I use invertebrate food-webs to study ecosystem function to predict how tropical rainforests will respond to climate change.


Bartozs Majcher - PhD candidate

An adventurer, a passionate environmentalist and a field biologist with interests in tropical plant and insect ecology.I am fascinated by changes in species observed along environmental gradients, including those resulting from human pressures. I focus on researching and modelling how organisms and their networks respond to changes in climate and other aspects of the physical environment. I’m generally interested in trade-offs in the way organisms allocate their resources, studies of biodiversity and biogeography.